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Maryland's Base Realignment and Closure

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The Commission was terminated December 31, Listing of Recently Published Documents Showing of 44 results since Home Home. As we consider domestic base closures, however, assessing foreign base requirements is also essential.

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In places such as Germany and South Korea, for example, a large number of facilities remain, despite downsizing in recent decades. Add to this the roughly 25 percent of North Atlantic Treaty Organization military construction and operations that Washington pays for. This is hundreds of millions annually that must be studied for efficiency and true need.

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Our second basic idea is this: There could be another commission, similar to the BRAC, that looks specifically for cost savings by reviewing overhead in the same way the BRAC looks at bases. To understand the motivation for an ORAC, consider that a recent Defense Business Board study noted that roughly , military personnel perform non-military functions.

Many could be carried out more inexpensively in other ways. With the post- September 11, exponential growth of both the Defense Department civilian workforce and the contractor workforce, there is surely much that can be done. Consider these examples of what ORAC could examine before creating a package of reforms for Congress to vote up or down. The GAO savings estimates ran into the billions per year. GAO also analyzed possible advantages to having long-term contracts with private contractors for maintaining weapons and other hardware.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and Organizational Restructuring in the DoD

Many high-level military headquarters have expanded in recent decades. The military uses larger staffs than most organizations, and it could impose a uniform cut in Defense Department administrative costs — perhaps 20 percent to 30 percent. This is in line with what then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates instituted for civilian contractors when he was running the Pentagon early in the Obama administration, and what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel now favors for high-ranking officer staff.

Base Realignment and Closure. Publicly available information presented on DENIX is may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified.

Base Realignment & Closure (BRAC) | Harford County, MD

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