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It is the paradox of the acorn: a project emerges from a drawing—even from a sketch, rough and inchoate—just as an oak tree emerges from an acorn.

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Citing examples not just from architecture but also from literature, chemistry, music, archaeology, and art, Belardi shows how drawing is not a passive recording but a moment of invention pregnant with creative possibilities. Moving from the sketch to the survey, Belardi explores the meaning of measurement in a digital era.

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A survey of a site should go beyond width, height, and depth; it must include two more dimensions: history and culture. Even in the age of electronic media, Belardi writes, drawing can maintain its role as a cornerstone of architecture. Search Search.

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Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s. It's "progressive" for him, he said.

Do Architects Still Use Pencils?

He graduated from UT's School of Architecture in It was time consuming. And that mind-to-hand thinking sometimes can develop a concept or an idea.

The firm still uses paper and pencil in the early stages of the creative process, but it's not something clients would see. But still, Butcher said, there is something about hand-drawn sketches a computer can't replicate.

I am an Architect and I draw for a living

That drawing has soul to it. He spent his first semester in the program exclusively hand drawing.

Daryl Johnson's hand-drawn sketch for the Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm. After Daryl Johnson's initial hand sketch, a watercolorist brought the image to life for the client, Blackberry Farm.