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Is it a book people "praise and don't read" Mark Twain , or "a bludgeon for preventing the free expression of beauty in new forms," Oscar Wilde? All kidding aside, I like Italo Calvino's definition: "A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. Timeless or dated? What influences did it have on subsequent literature?

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Braithwaite b. Heath b. Marie Vieux Chauvet b. Naipul b. Biswas Earl Lovelace b. Wow, this is a pretty excellent list! I'll try and add some more classics as they come to mind. For starters, the University of Texas Press has published a lot of great works in translation. Stories by Machado de Assis Machado de Assis was primarily known as a novelist but his short fiction was equally accomplished.

Most of Machado's stories are acknowledged as "masterpieces of world literature". However, a substantial number of them are yet to be translated and collected in a comprehensive English edition. The primary source translations of his short stories are found in: Brazilian Tales , trans. William L. John Gledson. The novella The Alienist formerly "The Psychiatrist" is set to be reissued by Melville House publisher later this year. This privilege arises from the confession of a secret that weighs heavily on a conscience.

The narrators often feel they must set the record straight. The mystery cannot be long suppressed. In "The Nurse" also translated as "The Attendant's Confession" in Brazilian Tales , the title character writes his confession from his death-bed: So you think that what happened to me in can be printed in a book? Do whatever you please, but with only one condition: do not divulge anything before my death.

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You will not have to wait long, perhaps a week, if not less; I am incurable. Look, I could tell you about my entire life, during which time other interesting things took place; however, in order to do that, one needs time, spirit, and paper, and I have only paper. My spirit is weak and time resembles a night lamp at dawn. It will not be long before the sun rises on another day. It is the sun of demons, as impenetrable as life. Good-bye, my dear sir. Read this and wish me well; forgive me for whatever seems improper to you.

Do not mistreat the rue if it does not smell like a rose. You asked me for a human document, and here it is The reader asks for a story, and it is given, began in earnest, imparted in a unique voice. The story is of great human interest, a satiric display of unstable emotions resulting to a crime of passion. Stetson with inventing the hat. Although some question how much this is fact versus myth or rather true invention versus modification of existing headgear , I enjoyed the Stetson story as told by Reynolds and Rand. Primarily a how-to-make-hats book including patterns and real swatches of fabrics and lining materials.

I particularly find useful the very thorough, 25 page alphabetical glossary of hat styles from Agal "The thick cords of wool which hold the cloth headdress of the desert people's Kaffiyeh in place" to Zucchetto "Ecclesiastical calotte, skull cap". Because of artist Rene Magritte's use of the bowler hat in so many of his works, no self respecting collection of books on hats would be without at least one of the many books on Magritte's work.

Why did he use the bowler hat so often as an image in his work? A trashy paperback novel with a title and main character, hatter Owen Dixon "the last of a rare breed: a hatter with an eye for the ladies" that qualifies it for inclusion in this list. I have only read the good parts-no review. This small volume profiles 4 modern milliners and includes some nice photographs and little textual ditties on women's hats. A nice little book for the bathroom side table better than those stupid joke books. This book traces the story of American fashion.

Modern Latin America Since HIST

The dozens of drawings and photographs show Americans wearing hats throughout the centuries as was de rigueur until when John Kennedy took his hat off on the day of his inauguration. The Hat Act of , which forbade the export of beaver felt hats made in the colonies, is also briefly discussed. Many wonderful examples of Amazonian headdresses are included in this beautifully produced volume. This book has much meaning to me because of the Cofan Indian Crown in my personal collection that I bartered for while on the Aqua Rico River in the upper Amazon.

A Chapter of Hats: Selected Stories

Perhaps at a later date I'll tell the story of this "hat adventure" in detail at the villagehatshop. The large format of this book, 14 inches by 10 inches, allows for some outstanding, full page, detailed photographs. From my point of view, chapter four "Displaying The Head, African Hats and Headdresses", is worth the price of the book. African hats are great! This beautiful, scholarly book shows and tells you why. In conjunction with the grand opening of our Hillcrest, San Diego location in we presented our first museum-style show where African Hats and Headdress was the theme.

I picked this up while in China in With photographs, illustrations and text this book reviews what the title denotes. The text is in English but I have no idea regarding this book's availability for purchase in the USA. This is another crafts book where, as the title implies, a reader gets tips on how to spiff up their old hat. The book is organized into about 20 chapters, with excellent pictures, taking one step-by-step through makeovers of specific hats. Amateur milliners as well as people who enjoy fun and different crafts projects will appreciate this book.

This attractive, artsy book comes with a grosgrain hat trim book mark. Its black and white photographs, poems, hat ditties from literature and essays treat the hat as an object of art.

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For example: "Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her: If you can bounce high, bounce for her too, "Till she cry Lover, gold-hatted, high bouncing lover, I must have you" F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. This small format book pictures men's hats with descriptions beginning with the 14th Century and ending around A brief history ends the volume. This little pamphlet explains how to make three different styles of hats from the daily newspaper.

A Chapter of Hats : Selected Stories

Two reproduced manuals, one from the author unknown and the other first published in by John Thomson. Part learned craft, part "black magic" personal recipe, felt making and the resulting quality of the product produced varies considerably. An interesting and esoteric book tracing the state of the art in the midth Century. Even today, all felt hats are not alike! Be certain your hat seller knows what she or he is selling you. A retrospective of the hat as art with the world famous Borsalino Hat Company's th birthday as the motivation.

Wonderful plates of fine art reproductions with the subjects in hats highlight this book. We are proud importers of Borsalino hats in this country. Browse our Borsalino hat section. Starting with the Kangol beret in , this thin soft-cover volume traces the history of Kangol Hats and Caps, Britain's best known cloth headwear manufacturer.

You know, the hats with the kangaroo logo. Buy a Kangol hat from the huge Kangol selection at www. Although not about hats per se but rather an OLD Blue Eyes biography the title and the many photos with Sinatra in hats make this volume eligible for inclusion in this bibliography I'm the judge. Take a look at our Sinatra hat.

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This book started a minor sensation inspiring plays I saw the play - same title, CROWNS - at the San Diego Repertory Theatre , merchandise, television shows, and a new synonym for the sensational hats that African American women have been wearing to church for generations. This book is yet another example of the power, importance, and historical significance of headwear.

This is a rather scholarly work on the history of hats covering the past two thousand years. The arrangement is chronological, by century. If one's interest is identifying or organizing headdress by country of origin, this book is particularly useful as the illustrations include the country where the hat was worn along with the drawing. I am always impressed when the same author does a book's text and illustrations, as is the case with this work see Sibley's bird book if you really want to be blown away.

This coffee table style book is organized by decade and full of illustrations and photographs. Because of similar books already in our collection e. I've seen it around very inexpensively too. This coffee table size and style book reviews its subject by hat style with a bias towards the hats of the UK.

Big photographs and good illustrations take the reader through a brief history of top hats , boaters, bowlers , ball caps the only style that America can lay claim to creating , fezzes , etc. Just when I thought that I knew all of the key books written about hats in English in the 20th Century, along comes this great find.

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She writes well too. The book, organized by continent, is a travelogue as well as an expression of her great appreciation and fount of information about hats and headdress. More than black and white photographs illustrate every hat described. My only criticism is the quality of the photographs, which judged by today's standards, falls short. A short and well written history covering one of the icons of headwear. Chock full of good illustrations, Ms. Henderson devotes one chapter to the history of the top hat and another to its manufacturing. The appendix discusses how silk top hats and collapsible opera hats are made.

The book includes a good bibliography for those who want to pursue this topic in greater depth. This page compendium complete with photographs, illustrations, history including legal rulings and laws regarding the hat pin's use as a weapon , etc.

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Although Lillian is deceased her husband still may have some copies available for sale. He can be reached at: Chanera Ave. Well received by vintage clothing collectors for its unique presentation, this book chronicles the history of hats and bonnets, accompanied by vintage photographs of women wearing the items. A must-have for collectors of vintage hats and clothing. It is hard to imagine that a single retail store that began in and moved its location once, in , could still be in business today. James Street in London is such a store.

Whitbourn, a relative of the proprietors, writes of the twists and turns of the shop's history. I found most interesting the story of the advent of The Bowler Hat a. The Derby or The Coke : A game-keeper customer, William Coke, wanted a hard felt protective riding hat for safety-sake while chasing poachers in his game preserve.

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