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Designer Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya has created a series of incredible posters celebrating women in science that are perfect for displaying in a classroom or kid s bedroom! The six posters featured here, which are free to download, were created by Amanda, a science trained designer, to connect the Women in science Wikipedia Women have made significant contributions to science from the earliest times.

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Historians with an interest in gender and science have illuminated the scientific endeavors and accomplishments of women, the barriers they have faced, and the strategies implemented to have their work peer reviewed and accepted in major scientific journals and other publications. Interested in European research? In fact, the face of modern science would be unrecognisable without the major contributions made by women, including more than a dozen Nobel laureates, not to mention those pioneers who Why So Few?

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and In an era when women are increasingly prominent in medicine, law, and business, why are there so few women scientists and engineers?

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Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics report presents compelling evidence that can help to explain this puzzle. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richie Farmer born August 25, is a former collegiate basketball player and Republican Party politician from the U. He led Clay County High School to the state high school boys basketball championship, scoring a championship game record 51 points and being named s Kentucky Mr. He played collegiately for the Kentucky Wildcats.

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The study suggests that subjects that pique the interest of girls generally do so because they involve problems and issues that appeal to them. Workplace systems — Technology workplaces carry the same biases that have existed traditionally; that women are not suitable for technology careers or they will not be able to bring anything to the company if they are in a tech-orientated role.

This has resulted in the poor statistics of women in technology roles. Of the girls surveyed , African American and Hispanic girls showed more interest in certain aspects of STEM than White girls, including understanding how things are built, solving puzzles and problems, and creating an app, video or computer game.

Interestingly, these girls were significantly more aware of gender barriers in STEM fields.

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They reported a high reliance on internal assets, including self-confidence and desire to overcome obstacles, which supports and complements their high interest in STEM fields. It is worth noting that socio-economic status intersects with ethnicity to account for some of these differences.

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  • African American and Hispanic girls show stronger financial motivation in choosing career path and this presents opportunities to market STEM careers to girls. Rather, a combination of factors which involves multiple change agents and a multi-faceted approach to changing the way girls and women view tech careers will be most effective in encouraging participation in the sector. This means making computer science subjects more compelling to girls, highlighting the women pioneers of technology in computer science classes, and showcasing problems of interest to girls.

    Having women themselves create and develop these educational environments will help in making girls and women feel more comfortable in their educational or working setting. However, there is an opinion which suggests that this approach would only superficially address the matter — the underlying issues outlined above will continue to exist.

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    Ashcraft presents a model which depicts the people and elements needed for systemic change to occur. The model suggests that these are directly influenced by formal and informal education, media and popular culture, peer influences and the influence of family, community and role models.

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    They are: researchers, parent and families, teachers, administrators, curriculum and decision-makers, school counsellors, legislators and policy makers, higher education faculties, industry professionals and researchers. The way in which tech and IT, and more specifically, careers in tech and IT, are portrayed and presented by these individuals and institutions is intrinsically linked to the way in which girls perceive the subjects, and their suitability and desire to pursue a career in the industry.

    Girls in IT: The Facts. National Center for Women and Information Technology. The Girls Scout Research Institute.